Do you obsess about creating a more purpose-led Working life Online, by sharing your Knowledge & Wisdom in a way that brings fulfilment, freedom and joy every day.

That is both impact-driven and meaningful and will be your long-lasting legacy for generations ahead.

Human Design is an Innovative and Revolutionary system that can help you to gain clarity in what you're here to

'Contribute with Purpose & Passion'

Purpose & Passion Online Builder

is a bespoke Guided Programme that will help you to Persevere to Pursue what you're naturally here to bring to others through your unique Contribution with Purpose and Passion Online!


In this safe space, you'll receive tailor-made Resources for each part of the programme together with weekly group Q & A Calls, that support, and provide direction and clarity before taking action steps to create your unique way to CONTRIBUTE with Purpose, through discovering all your unique gifts, talents, future potential and future direction, which are all found in your HUMAN DESIGN design and GENE KEY makeup!

You'll also have the option for me to help build a Foundational Framework Online System for your DIGITAL RESOURCES/SERVICES Suite of Products where you can share your Knowledge & Wisdom to people by way of Digital Resources and/or Services. This all depends on what you wish to share and how you wish to share what you know!

These enlightening insights and information that have helped me to bring my Vision into existence to build a lifestyle that is in harmony with my authentic self and that fulfils my desire to bring meaning and purpose and make a positive impact.

Leveraging your unique Human Design Blueprint allows you to stop wasting precious years, being fearful of others challenging you, holding yourself back fearing what you have to share isn't valuable, experiencing confusion, being overwhelmed, constantly procrastinating, creating scenarios of self-sabotage, settling and giving up, wondering, trying to figure it all out with uncertainty, or regretting not even giving it a try!

Your experience is to naturally attune and surrender to the flow of your authentic self, which then brings about Clarity, Permission and what to focus on that provides strategic steps that will help bring Your Future Direction closer to your unique way of contributing with Purpose & Passion Online


In Human Design, the role that I naturally embody is of an Innovative Advisory Leader. Through years of experimenting, trial and error and taking on my self-discovery journey with both HUMAN DESIGN and the GENE KEYS. I didn't let my struggles, lack of direction or feeling overwhelmed hold me from realising my Vision ...

Instead, I focussed on these key 7 Key aspects that you too can discover for yourself... that will bring insightful clarity, direction and in turn more confidence to take action to build your Purpose & Passion Online.

It's a personal and practical process to unleash your unique potential and align with the natural flow whilst focusing on your Future Direction, without having to waste years trying to discover and work it all out by yourself.

The problem it solves is to bring forward, in a much shorter period, the ability to map out a plan to build your Vision with practical actionable insights based on your unique Human Design

When I had finally grasped the basics of Human Design regarding my purpose, re-framing mindset and understanding the main theme of my existence is to lead, empower and be a Creative Role Model for Women to slow down, live authentically in alignment with their natural gifts, talents and strengths and elevate their existence to focus on a future that feels fulfilling and joyful.

It then dawned on me that this could be duplicated to serve other Women feeling that pull to step more into an impact-driven Influential Role within their own Business to impact and improve their own lives as well as others.

It's piecing together like a puzzle, these 7 key aspects, that have been life-changing for me. I'm now sharing this same Roadmap process with you within this Programme .

The 7 key aspects are:
  • Motivation
  • Vision
  • Value
  • Vibe
  • Voice
  • Path to Prosperity
  • Future Direction

I created this offer because I wanted to guide Impact-driven Influential people to gain clarity and direction on sharing

their knowledge online & move forward without fear, by not giving up and persevering to pursue what will bring ultimate long-lasting meaning and joy into their life and impact in the lives of those they're here to serve.

I lacked direction and purpose and didn’t want to waste a life not fully embracing and experiencing living in my highest potential, by being authentic, building a life that's supportive of myself, and my family whilst being of service to others

Once I understood how I'm: -

'Here to serve

The Products to Offer

My Future Direction

This has led me to create this unique offer for you!


Signature Programme Details

  • What's your Motivation & Drive
  • What energies gives you vitality and feelings of good health
  • What makes you unique and How you uniquely vibe
  • How you best communicate, share and express
  • Align your Vision with your current Values
  • Determine whether you work best as a Soloworker, Team Player or in a Leadership role
  • Your life & Soul Purpose & look into to bring in Prosperity based on your biggest TALENT
  • Clarity in your Future Direction
  • Discover Your innate Gifts, talents, strengths and super powers
  • Recognition and permission to experiment being totally authentic
  • Provide ideas into what Digital Resources you can create and what the best tools are to bring them to life
  • Have a personalised Done-For-You foundation framework: All-in-One Service based Online System to market and sell your Service and/or Digital Products Online
  • Receive personalised Tutorials so you can continue to edit and maintain your Online Service System content

If this resonates and something you desire then keep onreading ....

I know many of you as a busy Woman have reached a stage in your life, where you're like... Ok done with the way your Work life is heading. You're now feeling compelled to build a life with more meaning and purpose... and have all these big Ideas and Visions that you want to express and are now ready to map them out with certainty and clarity.

Society pushes us to strive for our goals, but it's hard when you don't recognise within yourself your key strengths, natural gifts, and talents, together with a lack of direction, get easily sucked in by the influencer's way of life, how your life's purpose shows up for you and trying to work out your Future direction from a place of confusion!

It's harder to navigate your way to build a life that feels truly authentic and aligned when you're off track without solid conscious self-awareness, clarity, direction and even motivation to where you wish to Be in your life currently.

  • How many times have you started working on a plan, then just give up?
  • Do you Feel burnt out from your current role?
  • Do you wonder how some people appear to just love doing what they're doing? Yet you struggle to identify what that particular thing is for you.
  • Are you hiding behind your mundane job or lack the confidence to start your own business, charity or some kind of movement because you lack direction, purpose and a sense of identity?
  • Do you constantly dream and wonder, why you’re not in a job or owning a business that has more meaning and impact in the lives of others as well as being more supportive of your family? Do You feel like you're wasting time?
  • Do you feel like you've been acting like somebody else for so long, that you no longer recognise who you are now? So the thought of authentic self-expression feels daunting as you fear the reaction of close family and friends to your sudden so-called change?
  • You know you want to share something that will help others and impact their lives, but you have no idea how to share your message so remain quiet fearing people won’t understand you
  • You no longer feel motivated to do anything and so remain stuck in the mundane routine of your work and or personal life
  • You believe you have no gifts or talents so feel stuck into what direction to take

All the above will be addressed and brought to your conscious awareness with a renewed and positive perspective

The goal is for you to create a life with more meaning, and impact and this Roadmap is the solution to figuring this all out in a very practical

What you will to experience in the

Purpose & Passion Online Builder Programme!

3-4 months of bespoke personalised Resources and guidance with weekly group Q & A sessions (option to attend or have your questions answered on a Video call)

Consists of me personally putting together weekly Bespoke & Tailor-made Blueprint Reports based on your HUMAN DESIGN and the GENE KEYS, that follows my CONTRIBUTION CLARITY 5 step framework . Also includes Insights into how PROSPERITY flows to you based on the PROSPERITY SEQUENCE found in the GENE KEYS. It's with these Blueprint reports that breakthroughs and transformations will be experienced, that will unleash and piece together all the elements that will enlighten your sense of knowing, clarity and direction with your way to Serve.

Your very Own Private Audio Channel, where I share all your personalised Audio insights, information and guidance

Available on a FREE APP . This will allow you to listen to the Audios as you would on a Free Podcast app. (no requirement to sign in to a portal everytime you wish to access them)

Private TELEGRAM Voice messaging access

Communication is done via TELEGRAM Voice Messaging available from Tuesday to Thursday (you choose one day that best suits you to ask any questions based on the Audios provided for that week) or if you prefer via a 30 to 45 minute Video Zoom call (dependent on Time Zone)

OPTIONAL: Build an All-in-One Online System Framework (that allows you to market and sell your Services&/or Digital Resources to your ideal clients)

Done-with-You set up a simple All-in-One OnlineSales System for your Online Business with an Automated Affiliate Referral Programme which you can harness so other people can share your Products with their network (only available in this Programme)

+ FREE BONUS - Personalised Blueprint based on how you're naturally built to WORK BY DESIGN

Not everyone is built to be an employee, not everyone is built to be a Leader: discover how you're uniquely built to work to create a Working Life with balance and flow


  • Pay in Full - $2222.00 [with FREE Extra Bonus of 1 month of FREE Personalised Guidance & Support from Amy after the Programme is complete]
  • Pay in 3 Months - 3 payments of AUD $777.00 each month
  • Pay in 6 Months - 6 payments of AUD $399.00 each month

  • Pay in Full (without system setup) - AUD $1444.00 [with FREE Extra Bonus of 1 week of FREE Personalised Guidance & Support from Amy after the Programme is complete]

Meet your new

Talent & Potential Virtual BFF Guide

Introducing AMY,

Your Talent & Potential Guide

Who has mastered the Art of Stress Relief, Slowing down and now embodying my Unique Authentic Self with meaning and impact. Personal growth and Transformation have allowed me to finally break free to naturally and authentically Self express and experience a life with more Freedom, Joy and Ease. So I don't feel held back to show up living my passion or leveraging my natural gifts and talents to be of service

My Mission

Empower impact - driven Female Influential Leaders in their late thirties and beyond to break down the barrier from within so that they can experience transformation to re-connect with their authenticity and drive motivation to elevate into an Influential Role Model position, to build a future life that positively brings impact, joy freedom and fulfilment for themselves and others! My innovative method allows Women to live and breath their purpose with passion with Clarity and Direction using HUMAN DESIGN and the GENE KEYS

To ensure that I'm the right fit for you and that I can provide the support you're looking for, please fill in the application form below